Authentication Platform for Berlin´s Charging Infrastructure starts Operation

22nd April 2015

On April 22, 2015, the first charging station in the Berlin Standard was officially inaugurated by Christian Gaebler, Berlin´s Secretary of State for Transport and the Environment. At the same time, the authentication platform for charging infrastructure, developed and operated by VMZ Berlin, commenced operations. For the users of e-mobility in Berlin, this platform will ensure a consistent and provider-independent access to all publicly accessible charging stations.


As part of its e-mobility strategy, the city of Berlin currently extends the number of charging points. 400 AC as well as 20 DC charging points will be set up in public and semi-public space until September 2016. In a second phase until 2020, more charging points will be added according to the prospective demand. As of July 2016 all publicly accessible charging stations will have to meet the Berlin Standard (e.g. sharing a common user interface) which is supposed to increase the overall usability of charging infrastructure in the city.

To make Berlin´s charging points accessible to all e-mobility users, VMZ Berlin developed an authentication platform on behalf of the Senate of Berlin that manages the data exchange between the different mobility and electricity providers. This platform will be operated as an extension of the Traffic Information Center ( and provides an integrated solution for the previous diversity of access technologies and charging cards.

In addition VMZ Berlin includes real-time data about the availability of charging points into the Traffic Information Center. Users of e-mobility can now easily inform themselves about the location, the installed technology and the real-time occupation status of all charging stations. The integration of the real-time data into mobile routing services has already been demonstrated by VMZ Berlin in the EU project MOLECULES. The route planner developed in the project is available as mobile app under the following links:  

MOLECULES App for Android (as of Android version 4)

MOLECULES App for iOS (as of iOS version 5.1.1)

In showing real-time data about charging stations availability and securing a provider-independent access to all charging points, the authentication platform by VMZ Berlin supports the further development of e-mobility in Berlin and prepares the ground for a more sustainable urban transportation system as a whole.

The official press release by the Senate of Berlin can be found here.

For more information on the Berlin model for charging infrastructure can be accessed via a webinar here.