Launch of BerlinMobil App

5th April 2016

In recent months, the VMZ Berlin has intensively developed the new BerlinMobil app, which is officially presented at Intertraffic 2016 in Amsterdam to the public and is available for free download for iOS and Android from now.

The focus of the app is city of Berlin and the overarching and full provision of real-time traffic information. The Berlin mobile app combines all urban mobility services and mobility close offers in just one single application: For the first time public transport, bicycle, walking, car, car sharing and bike sharing, taxi and carpooling as well as charging stations information and fuel prices, among others have been combined and have been incorporated to this extent in a single application.

The three main functions Routing, MobilityMap and the Vincinity Search allow an easy handling despite the comprehensive provision of information. The aim was to present this it as easy as possible to users and make the information for users accessible.

The detailed description of the functions is presented below. Further information can be found here:



  • Multi-criteria optimization
    (duration, costs, CO2, distance)
  • Dynamic car routing based on current traffic situation (tomtom)
  • PT routing (VBB) incl. bicycle transport
  • Bike routing (BBBike)
  • Car- and bikesharing routes
  • Routing to closest available charging station
  • Routing to available charging station closest to final destination
  • P&R and B&R

Mobility Map

  • Current traffic situation
  • Parking spaces
  • Roadworks
  • PT stations incl. departure times
  • Public transport notifications
  • Available carsharing vehicles
  • Bikesharing stations incl. availability of bikes
  • Charging stations incl. availability
  • Automatic centering on current position

Vincinty Search

  • Public transport stations
  • Carsharing vehicles
  • Bikesharing stations incl. availability of bikes
  • Charging stations incl. availability
  • Parking spaces
  • Taxis
  • Roadworks
  • Public transport notifications
  • Petrol stations incl. current prices
  • Webcams
  • Carpooling