MyWay: Demonstration sucessfully completed

January 29th 2015

The VMZ Berlin has developed and and published within the European research project MyWay a multi-modal directions routing planner for smartphone apps, which enables efficient and comfortable forms of travelling. This component takes into account all relevant inner urban modes of transport: footpaths, cycling, private car, public transportation, bike sharing and as an innovation carpooling rides from the operator flinc.

Interested users were able to register at the MyWay-Portal. The most active users had the chance to win attractive prices. The first price was an action cam! More information about the final event can be found here.

As part of the European research program "Smart Cities", VMZ Berlin develops and validates together with its project partners intermodal routing planner as a part of an integrated platform, the "European Smart Mobility Resource Manager". The purpose is to holistically address the efficient and seamless integration and use of complementary, capacity-limited mobility services in the overall urban travel chain, including all transport modes (motorised and non-motorised, EVs, public transport, flexible services such as transport on-demand) and mobility sharing schemes (e.g. car sharing, motorbike sharing and carpooling). The platform will be tested in three Living Lab demonstrations in Barcelona and Catalonia Region (ES), Berlin (DE), and Trikala (GR) involving local users and stakeholders.