We know a lot, but not everything. For questions that require additional expertise, we cooperate with partners in industry, public services and research in order to achieve the optimum result for our clients. This lets us create useable and value-adding solutions that are more than just the sum of their parts.

We cooperate with proven specialists in their designated fields in order to solve wide-ranging and complex problems with appropriate and relevant expert know-how. Some of our most important partners are:


Siemens AG

As a subsidiary of Siemens AG, VMZ enjoys a close and energetic partnership with the most important European service provider of traffic management and information systems. The combination of planning and development know-how at VMZ and the technological innovation of the Siemens Transportation Systems division enable custom-made traffic management and mobility solutions which fit the needs of our clients in all phases of implementation. 



Our partnership with TomTom traffic information services goes back to 2011. We combine TomTom travel time data with data received from permanent detectors of the traffic information center. This results in a traffic map for Berlin that is current (updated every five minutes), comprehensive (1,600 km main streets) and reliable.


Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH

Comprehensive real-time mobility information also includes air traffic, essential for air travelers who are unfamiliar with their destination. Therefore we work closely with Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, delivering up-to-date mobility information to incoming air travelers, e.g. via information displays at Tegel Airport.



DriveNow is our partner for the development of a comprehensive information, booking and payment platform for mobility services. In our joint MOLECULES project, we are developing a personalized trip planner for DriveNow's fleet of electric cars (ActiveE). DriveNow customers will be informed of every mobility option available to them, whereby the current charge-level of the vehicle and subsequent recharging opportunities are taken into consideration. Apart from trip planning, the service also features an integrated reservation and payment module.


Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg

For provision of the rbb radio listeners' messages in the BerlinMobil App VMZ Berlin cooperates with the local public broadcasting station Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb). In parallel different mobility information of BerlinMobil App flow in the traffic information offers of rbb.


IVU Umwelt

IVU Umwelt is our partner when it comes to analyzing the impact of traffic on air and noise quality. The company has particular expertise in environmental planning. The result of our cooperation is IMMISmt which allows IVU's IMMIS system to interface with our traffic data systems. IMMIS models are combined with current traffic data to generate a real-time monitoring system for air quality and noise in the city. IMMISmt is an integral part of our iQ traffic product.


Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg

With their information service for public transport in the Berlin-Brandenburg region, VBB Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH is our cooperation partner for intermodal information services based on scheduled, real-time and travel disruption information for the public transport system. The multimodal mobility display is one of the outcomes of our cooperation with VBB.


DLR - Institut für Verkehrsforschung

The transport unit of DLR, the German aeronautics and space research center, is our research partner for electric mobility. Our cooperation with DLR focusses on researching the effects of electric mobility on traffic and the environment in Berlin. The location concept for the recharging infrastructure in Berlin, which we have jointly developed for the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment, presents a new model-based approach for the identification of suitable charging points and is also the basis for the current call for tender for the necessary infrastructure.