Traffic Map

As operators of the Berlin traffic information center VIZ, VMZ launched the new Traffic Map in summer 2012, providing Berlin residents, visitors and businesses with considerably enhanced information on traffic conditions in the Berlin street network.

The combination of data provided by the traffic information center with TomTom travel data has led to a new quality of traffic information for large urban traffic networks. The traffic situation on 1,600 km main streets in Berlin is updated every 5 minutes, thus depicting changes in traffic almost in real time. TomTom travel data allow the monitoring of traffic backlogs in those streets where no detectors are installed. The division of the street network into small sections enables precise localization of the head and the tail end of traffic jams.  

With the traffic map, motorists are provided with up-to-date and reliable information on the current traffic situation in the main street network and can choose to detour congested areas or opt for other means of transport. The traffic map can also be used by Berlin's Traffic Control Center VKRZ as an additional source of information for traffic management.

The new traffic map is available at:

Your contact: Dr. Ralf Kohlen