Business Unit

VIZ Berlin

We operate the Berlin Traffic Information Center (VIZ) for the Federal State of Berlin. VIZ's web portal is a comprehensive mobility information service for the city of Berlin. offers a wide range of cost-free information services for the general public, the media, and the economy with real-time information on road and rail traffic in Berlin. These services are based on the current traffic situation which we detect by means of Floating Car Data (FCD) and permanent detectors in the main street network of Berlin. The data and the resulting traffic map are updated every five minutes.

We collaborate with the Berlin traffic control center in order to provide the media with reliable traffic information. radioBerlin 88.8 radio station is broadcasting live from the traffic information center.

Our joint goal is to relay reliable and timely information on congestion and incidents to the public. In case of disruptions, our information services show alternative ways of reaching your destination faster and stress-free.

Your contact: Andreas Müer