Traffic Information Centers

Modern control centers are much more than just steering agents. They are hubs which connect data and actors: traffic participants and service providers, public administrations and planning agencies, police and rescue services, the internet and media. The VMZ designs, develops and manages complete information centers, delivers software for analysis and control, manages data flows, integrates external data sources, plans and implements sensor measurement points, develops disruption planning concepts, or runs the technology behind it all – as a provider-independent partner. Our real-time information, which includes infrastructure in addition to all transportation forms, paves the way to network-spanning multimodality and contemporary mobility.


Innovation is our business, and we drive it with our own new ideas. For this reason the VMZ is a partner in many research projects in the field of applied mobility research. We work as initiators and partners in public research projects and cooperate with prominent research institutions, universities, and technical experts across Europe. Through research, we continuously expand our knowledge, come into early contact with innovative approaches and ideas of others, and pave the way for an exchange of knowledge with external colleagues taking on similar tasks.

Multimodal Mobility Services

Moving forward means you need to know all your options. The VMZ develops intermodal information services to help you. These show the current traffic situation and provide available transportation options. The info services cover classic transportation providers but also flexible options like carsharing, bikesharing, taxi, and even transportation-related services like electric charging stations, gas stations, and current construction activity. Our services range from providing basic mobility concepts to planning mobility agencies and technical implementation and management of our solutions.

Traffic Planning and Consulting

Whether you are developing a new residential area or an industrial park, want to construct new roads or extend them, or if you want to prepare your urban planning for current and coming mobility needs – VMZ Berlin is your partner. We determine traffic demand in new areas, show which capacities are necessary, or calculate how roads should be proportioned. We prepare detailed traffic analyses, develop traffic planning and infrastructure measures, analyse effects and evaluate existing measures.