MEISTER aims to optimise the use of urban infrastructure by linking charging and parking services. An interoperable platform and services for reserving and paying for charging processes will be implemented.

EU Project Streetlife

For the EU Commission’s research area ‚Steering towards Green and Perceptive Mobility of the Future’, project partners created an app for urban bikers. The VMZ developed the bike routing for the project. We determined high risk areas for accidents and gave app users an ‘avoid high accident areas’ option in their route planning.

Intermodal Route Planner

The VMZ’s route planner calculates the best path – according to the criterion of your choice: duration, distance, cost or environmental cost (CO2 emissions). This production-tested module for apps and info systems can be individualized at the project level. Upon request we will include external routing data from sources like Google and TomTom.


At Duisburg Port truck drivers can find their way to the right dock every time. Helping them is a Smartphone App developed by VMZ and Siemens. It provides drivers, logistics providers and the terminal operator with GPS-based dynamic data on travel times, routes and destinations, even in the case that times and routes become modified.

Virtual Infopanels in Braunschweig

In a mobile city, traffic information panels are no longer stationary: In Braunschweig the VMZ replaced two real panels with virtual ones in a pilot project for the municipal provider BELLIS. Data came from a Scala/Concert system. An app brings the information to the user’s smartphone as soon as he crosses geofencing triggerlines.


All transportation information for Berlin in real-time on your smartphone: The VMZ-developed free App BerlinMobil offers this and more. It also has a personal route planner: Users can decide if they want to arrive quickly, cheaply, or in an environmentally-friendly way.

EU Project DORA

The test case is Berlin to Palma de Mallorca: In the EU Project DORA the VMZ and prominent partners develop a door-to-door information service. The App shows the way from home to airport, in the airport to gate, and from arrival airport to destination. It delivers information on travel options, departure times and trip duration.

BIG IoT: Bridging the Interoperability Gap of IoT

The Internet of Things needs an open ecosystem for data flows. In the EU Project Big IoT an international team tests how this could work in the area of mobility. On board: the VMZ Berlin. We develop an app for commuters in the Berlin-Wolfsburg corridor and make our data accessible to other partners via the Big IoT Marketplace.

EU Project Molecules

For the EU Commission, the VMZ developed an information service on E-Carsharing together with Berlin’s city government, DriveNow and further partners. The innovative app integrates information on available electric cars and charging stations as well as real-time data on traffic conditions into an intermodal route planner. Browser-based versions were developed for Paris and Barcelona.