Traffic Detection AVUS Site

The AVUS is the most important traffic hub on the way to Berlin. Construction here requires removing traffic sensors. The VMZ planned, implemented and managed a suitable replacement so that Berliners and visitors could still remain informed about the current traffic situation.

Renovation of Mariendorf Gas Works

An old gas works is being transformed into a new industrial area for Berlin. The GASAG utility company contracted the VMZ to investigate how to ensure smooth-flowing traffic even when the industrial area is running at full capacity. The result: Differentiated scenarios for future traffic volumes confirmed the project’s feasibility – and made recommendations for concrete measures.

Extended Urban Development Plan Potsdam

Potsdam is growing, and to keep up, the city administration prepared an urban development plan in the area of transportation. Yet the public and politicians wanted more – above all on the question of Modal Split and regarding the plan’s Scenario for Sustainable Mobility. VMZ updated and deepened the existing plan on the basis of detailed analyses, assessment and new scenarios.

Track and Field World Championship

1,800 athletes, 1,700 officials, 3,500 media representatives and 500,000 spectators – The World Championship 2009 was a megaevent even for Berlin. The VMZ developed the framework concept for traffic surrounding the Olympic Stadium and inner city race route for the 9-day event.

Renovation of Rudolf Wissell Bridge

Two years of construction on the city motorway? For many Berliners a nightmare situation. The VMZ Berlin determined how to keep traffic moving past the construction site, created a plan for alternative routes and an information concept for drivers, and evaluated these measures for future renovation plans.

Authentication Platform E-Mobility

In Berlin E-Mobility should be easy and accessible for everyone. VMZ Berlin develops and manages the authentication platform for charging infrastructure on behalf of Berlin city government. The system permits e-mobility users to access all public Berlin charging stations with a single, cross-provider sign-in procedure.

Administration and Hosting

Mobility services process huge amounts of data around the clock. The VMZ manages and hosts such highly-available systems of all sizes based on tailored Service-Level-Agreements. Redundant hardware, virtualization technologies, and our system administrators’ expertise and experience secure the high availability your service requires.

Software Development

The VMZ develops individual IT solutions and specific software, for example for control centers. As an independent service provider we choose the best approach and technology for each project. The advantage for our clients: Your solution is tailored and consistent from concept to implementation.

Mobility Display Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport is well-connected: there are many ways to continue travel after landing. Sixteen mobility displays developed and managed by the VMZ for Fraport AG show all ground connections: long-distance and regional trains, long-distance and city buses, carsharing and bikesharing services and even current travel times on surrounding highways.