UNCHAIN – Urban Logistics and Planning

The goal of the EU research project UNCHAIN – Urban Logistics and Planning: Anticipating Urban Freight Generation and Demand Including Digitalisation of Urban Freight (2023 – 2026) is to shape future logistics demands in a way that ensures safe, livable, and resilient urban transportation. For this sustainable urban logistics, UNCHAIN will enhance cooperation between authorities and logistics stakeholders in Berlin, Madrid, and Florence while unleashing the potential of technology and digitalization. Collaborating with the Berlin Senate Administration and logistics experts, VMZ will implement the required logistics services based on urban guidelines and provide congestion prediction, enhanced route planning, and a tool for evaluating measures.

SYNCHROMODE – Advanced traffic management solutions

The EU research project SYNCHROMODE – Advanced traffic management solutions for synchronized and resilient multimodal transport services (2023 – 2026) is working on traffic management solutions for multimodal transport services to be implemented and tested in Thessaloniki, Madrid, and Zuid-Holland. VMZ, in collaboration with Yunex Traffic and Aimsun, will establish a toolbox for the three case studies. The aim of the toolbox is to enable network-wide data exchange and extensive integration systems. Moreover, cooperative dashboards for real-time and predictive network-wide multimodal transport and traffic will be developed, along with tools to support a robust multimodal transport network and traffic management.

Signal2X App

The Signal2X app provides information about the optimal speed for a green wave. The app developed by the VMZ shows the current traffic light status in real time and shows individual speed recommendations for public transport, motor traffic and bicycle traffic in order to reach them when green. Together with Yunex Traffic, the cooperative traffic control is implemented by the Signal2X app in order to optimize the traffic flow, making it more efficient and environmentally friendly.

UVM Mobile App

All traffic information for the city of Ludwigshafen and the surrounding area in real time on your smartphone: the free app UVM Mobil, developed by VMZ, offers not only an intermodal route planner but also a mobility map that shows the current traffic situation, current traffic reports and information on existing mobility providers such as car and bike sharing, stops, charging stations, parking lots, etc.

BeIntelli – Showcasing autonomous driving

In the Beintelli showcase project on autonomous driving, the mobility of the future is being investigated through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). In the project, VMZ is implementing an interactive display. For this purpose, the information portfolio of the multimodal mobility monitor (MoMo) will be expanded with data obtained through the use of automated and connected driving vehicles.

MobiData BW

VMZ Berlin has won a tender for the development of an open mobility data platform and an intermodal routing service in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. The project, initiated and ordered by Nahverkehrsgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg will be set up in the greater area of Stuttgart first but extension to the whole state of Baden-Württemberg is planned for 2020.

USER Chi – Innovative solutions for USER centric Charging Infrastructure

Easy and fast charging of e-vehicles. This is one of the main challenges of the coming e-mobility turnaround in cities. And subject of VMZ. In the EU research project USER Chi, VMZ is working together with 23 partners from 6 countries to make it possible to charge electric cars easily in public "e-filling stations". With Click – we provide cities with a tool to optimally plan the number and locations of charging infrastructure. E-Charge-Parking equips parking lots with charging points and makes charging easily accessible.

Shuttles&Co – V2X for Cities

Autonomous driving in Berlin is the subject of the BMVI-funded project Shuttle&Co. Here VMZ takes an urban perspective and our task is to do research on how autonomous vehicles and urban traffic management can interact and optimize each other.


VMZ Berlin has developed a car routing service for the public mobility portal “BayernInfo”, which provides mobility information for the federal state of Bavaria. The portal was relaunched on December 5th, 2019. The dynamic car routing service covers the whole area of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and provides routing information based on real time traffic information and traffic incidents in Bavaria. Besides real time routing information the routing service also integrates historical data in order to provide routing prognoses for future requests.


The 2019 Cycling4Trees challenge, initiated and operated in close collaboration with Siemens Mobility GmbH from July to September 2019 between the teams of Berlin, Cologne, and Munich, was won by team Berlin throughout the whole three months’ challenge. As a result, all three trees, sponsored by Siemens for the winner of each month, were planted in Berlin on November 21st, 2019. The trees found their new home on Falkenseer Chaussee in Spandau and provide for a better climate in the city of Berlin from now on.