Strategies for E-Mobility

<p>Electromobility is a critical building block in the transportation revolution. VMZ helps you estimate the opportunities: Where is there concrete potential for your municipality, your city, or your region? What is the current status of charging infrastructure and where is there a need for expanding it? How can we make better use of existing infrastructure? Which locations are suitable for increasing capacities?</p>

Construction Site Information System

Where is there construction? Where are road closures? For the BIBER Project, the VMZ developed a Client-Server solution for Berlin and Brandenburg to answer these questions. The fire brigade, police, media, and others who need or provide this information have access, as do citizens.

iQ Traffic

With this VMZ-developed tool, Berlin’s experts from the city police and administration monitor and steer environmental and traffic quality. iQ Traffic helps them discover what’s causing negative developments and quickly take countermeasures.

Analysis Module for Yutraffic Concert

Yutraffic Concert is a Yunex software which allows traffic control centers to visualize and influence their traffic spaces. The VMZ is developing a new module which calculates and visualizes in real-time causal relationships between public transport delays, traffic volumes, construction sites, road closures and other factors.

Authentication Platform E-Mobility

In Berlin E-Mobility should be easy and accessible for everyone. VMZ Berlin develops and manages the authentication platform for charging infrastructure on behalf of Berlin city government. The system permits e-mobility users to access all public Berlin charging stations with a single, cross-provider sign-in procedure.